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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my direct debit membership?
To cancel your direct debit membership please email the Harland's Group at bendunnegyms@harlandsgroup.co.uk of your wish to cancel membership. Please state your name, the gym you are a member of and your web reference number (starts with W)
Cancellation requests must be sent at least two weeks prior to the Direct Debit collection date and you must also inform your bank.
How can I pay for membership?
All memberships are paid for online at www.bendunnegyms.com. Various memberships options are available. Monthly membership is also available from €22.95 in the gyms without pools and from €32.95 in the gyms with pools. A joining fee of €25 applies to all monthly memberships. Please see membership prices for each gym by clicking on the location of choice.
What is the minimum age for joining?
Members must be 16 years or older to join. Guests also must be 16 years or older to join. ID is required.
Can I trial Ben Dunne Gym before joining?
Yes of course. You can purchase a day pass from our reception. The day guest fee is €10 in the gyms without pool facilities and €15 in the gyms with pool facilities.
What happens once I have paid for a membership?
As soon as you join you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number. The membership is current and starts upon payment. On your first visit to the gym you must collect a Membership Card and complete a Health Commitment Statement. Photo ID is required. (Passport or driver’s licence only).
Will I receive a membership card?
You will receive a membership card on your first visit to the gym. You can only gain access to the gym upon production of your membership card. You must swipe you membership card at the turnstile to gain entry on every visit. There is no access to the gym without a membership card.
Can I let other people use my membership card?
No. Your membership card is your responsibility and any misuse of your card may result in your membership being cancelled. For security and validation reasons, management reserves the right to scan each member’s card at the reception turnstiles in the gym. This will entail your photo being made visible or projected on the screens adjacent to the reception desk for no more than 5 seconds. Your card is unique to you.
What happens if I lose my membership card?
A replacement card can be purchased at the reception. Replacement cards are €10.
What are the Gym Rules?
Please see our Gym Rules and Terms and Conditions both online at www.bendunnegyms.com and also in our gyms.
What should I bring to the gym?
All members must carry a hand towel when training. You cannot be on the gym floor or partake in a class unless you carry a hand towel. This is for hygiene reasons to wipe down the equipment and mats after use. We also strongly recommend everyone to carry water when exercising.
Does Ben Dunne Gyms offer classes?
Yes of course. We offer a large range of classes in all our gyms and all classes at Ben Dunne Gyms are FREE!! We do not charge any extra even for specialty classes such as Yoga, Pilates or even Zumba. Up to date timetables can be found on the gym pages of our website and also in hard copy in the gym.
Do I need to book a class?
No. We operate our classes on a first come first served basis.
Are there changing facilities at Ben Dunne Gyms?
Yes we provide lockers and showers in all our gyms. All our showers are private cubicles. Locks and keys can be purchased can be purchased at the reception. Lockers are only for use when training. Members must always bring their belongings home and leave the lockers unlocked.
Can I use all gyms or just the gym I joined?
Membership is specific to the gym you join and does not extend to other gyms in the group.
Can I suspend my membership?
No. Only upfront memberships will be considered for suspension on medical grounds. The time missed will start from the date you informed the gym in writing and must be accompanied by a Doctor’s note to a maximum of 6 month. Direct Debit memberships cannot be suspended.
Am I locked into a contract if I join monthly?
No. There is no contract. The minimum term is the first month plus the joining fee. Membership can be cancelled after the minimum term payment is made. Cancellation requests must be sent at least two weeks prior to the Direct Debit collection date and you must also inform your bank.
Can I transfer my membership?
Yes. You can request a transfers from person to person. The transfer fee is €30. Requests will not be granted by a third party.

You also can transfer from gym to gym. The standard fee is €30 however we also take into consideration the difference in membership of the gym you are transferring to. This may increase or decrease the fee. The fee is paid in the gym you are transferring to.
What are Ben Dunne Gym’s opening hours?
All normal opening hours are available to view on our website. Ben Dunne Gyms close on the following dates:
• 25th December
• 26th December
• 1st January
• 17th March
• Easter Sunday
Will I be shown how to use the equipment?
Yes. Should you require this, we will provide an induction in how to operate the gym equipment.
Does Ben Dunne Gyms have Personal Training available?
Yes of Course. Personal Trainers are available in all our gyms and offer one to one sessions from €25 - €40 per hour. Personal Trainers are Self Employed. The agreement that you put in place regarding your sessions is between you and the Personal Trainer.
Do you offer Wi-Fi?
No. We do not offer Wi-Fi as part of the membership service.
How heavy are the free weights?
Dumbbells range from 2kg- 40kg. Our plates range from 5kg-25kg
Is the Ben Dunne Gym website secure?
Our website communicates all data using 256bit secure socket layer security. Our payment partner Realex is the leading online payment processor in Ireland and is accredited by all major Irish banks. All personal data is stored in line with our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, exclusively for the use of Ben Dunne Gyms.
What is Functional Training?
Functional Training focuses on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine. It's about teaching all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently.

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